If you are planning on purchasing a vessel or upgrading your boat, you should consider installing an outboard motor. This type of power option is favourable because it is easy to handle during operation. You can choose to steer using the wheel or even turn the entire unit for better control. The engine is also easier to access, which makes maintenance tasks easier, and you can even detach it completely from the boat. In addition, this design does not take up interior space, so it is suitable for your small personal boat. Unfortunately, the process of choosing a suitable outboard boat motor can be stressful since there are numerous products. Here are some important considerations to help you make your selection efficiently.

Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke

The outboard motors in the market are often classified into two-stroke and four-stroke products. Therefore, you should know the dissimilarity between the two before making your purchase. Generally, the term stroke is used to indicate the exact revolutions required by the engine to complete one power cycle. The two-stroke type completes the cycle faster, so it is more powerful during operation. On the other hand, this design is not fuel efficient and the engine can be loud. The four-stroke alternative is more efficient and operates quietly and smoothly. It is not as powerful as the two-stroke, but modifications like larger engine valves and exhaust replacement can enhance performance.

Engine Output

The engine output is an important factor, and it is normally expressed in terms of horsepower. It is tempting to purchase the highest horsepower that you can afford in an attempt to achieve exceptional performance and speed. Unfortunately, the output must correspond with your boat size. Simply speaking, a smaller engine will experience stress due to high demands while larger alternative will push the boat beyond its capacity. Therefore, check the recommended horsepower for your vessel before purchase. You should also note that higher horsepower motors are heavier, so consider this aspect too. If you install a heavy engine, it will limit the amount of weight that the boat can handle during operation.

Generation of Power

The normal power generation means for outboard motors is petrol. This is a beneficial option since fuel is highly accessible and relatively inexpensive. However, this source of power is non-renewable and, consequently, environmentally unfavourable. You can choose modern eco-friendly alternatives like electric motor engines or even petrol-electric hybrids. You should also inquire about propane-powered outboard motors from your supplier. This fuel source is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

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