If you are looking to buy a boat, one thing you should choose carefully is the type of motor. The two main options are an inboard motor and an outboard motor. The typical boats you see where the motor is on the outside of the back end of the boat is an outboard motor. Then there are some motors actually inside the hull of the watercraft. Here are some things to consider when deciding which one is better for you.

What type of boat do you want?

The first decision to make when choosing between these two motors is deciding on the actual boat you want. Inboard motors tend to be better for lighter boats, while heavier boats require outboard motors. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, this tends to be true. The inboard motors are good with fishing boats when you are going through the sea, since you get a lower center of gravity so the boat can handle the heavier water a little better. They are also frequently used on skier boats.

Do you want easy access to the motor?

If having quick and easy access to the motor is important to you, you are probably better off with an outboard motor. These are conveniently located high up on the hull and right on the back, so you can sit or stand near the back of the boat and easily use the motor. With an inboard motor, it tends to be a little more difficult to get to since it is lower in the hull.

Are you okay with frequent maintenance?

An advantage for inboard motors is that they tend to have less maintenance required. These motors are built to last, so not only do they last longer on their own, but there tends to be less maintenance and repairs. If you are brand new to owning a boat and don't know the first thing about inspecting a motor or helping it to last, you might not want an outboard motor with the routine maintenance that is required. Inboard motors also tend to last a little longer with the same amount of fuel, so that is another big bonus for these types of motors.

Don't forget there are also combo motors called inboard/outboard motors, or I/O motors. This is another option you have where you get the benefits of both inboard and outboard motors. Many newer boats provide these instead of just one or the other.