Some days just don't go as planned. You may plan on having a relaxing day out on the waters only to learn that your boat won't start when you launch it. When this problem occurs, your boat engine is the usual culprit. 

Proper maintenance of your boat goes a long way in preventing engine problems, but not all engine problems can be avoided. Even when you religiously adhere to your boat manufacturer's recommended maintenance regimen, engine failure or break down may still occur. With this in mind, it is important to know the early signs of boat engine trouble so you can take remedial action before complete engine failure can happen.

Seek out a boat mechanic when you notice the following engine trouble signs.

An Overheating Engine

When your boat engine is perfectly healthy, it will maintain the normal working temperature. If you notice that your engine is running too hot, this is a sign that something is wrong with the engine's cooling system. 

An overheating engine should never be ignored not only because it is dangerous, but also because it can also lead to major engine damage, which may be expensive to fix.

A Puttering Engine

Your boat should make smooth purring noises when it is running at its best. If it putters instead, this is a sign that the engine is working slowly and could be on the verge of giving out. 

Seek out help from a professional boat mechanic if you notice this happening when you're on the waters. Don't assume that the noise will die down by itself -- by the time this happens, your engine may have already suffered irreparable damage.

A Hesitating Engine

Your boat engine isn't supposed to cut out when you are manoeuvring the waters. If yours tends to stall momentarily and intermittently, particularly when you are travelling at slower speeds, it could be that the engine isn't being fed enough fuel. The fuel injectors are the most common culprit but there are other likely causes. 

The problem with marine engine malfunction is that you can never tell the exact source of the problem. Like your car engine, your boat engine is made up of many components, which can make it difficult to detect the faulty parts if you don't have experience working on marine engines. If you ever experience any problem with your boat engine, seek out an experienced boat mechanic. They can quickly troubleshoot and fix engine problems and get your boat back in the water.