Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. So-called E-bikes are now catching up with conventional bicycles in some parts of the country. If you have been considering buying one but are still not sure, then read on to find out more about this up-and-coming form of transport. What advantages do electric bikes bring their owners?

Power Assistance

When compared to a conventional bicycle, an electric bike gets you where you are going with much less physical stress. You don't need to arrive at work or at the shops feeling breathless or sweaty with a power-assisted bike because much of the work is done for you. Some people who like riding are put off cycling for this reason, especially when they have something important to do on arrival. Using an E-bike means feeling more comfortable, and you don't need as much special gear or clothing either.

Move Quickly

When you have an electric bike, you can still use cycle lanes and take advantage of the quicker routes they often afford city dwellers. However, because the electric motor on an E-bike helps you to get up hills faster and to move along flat sections of your route while maintaining higher speeds, you can cut down on journey times. Moving quickly means that this flexible form of transportation is often more convenient than travelling by road in a car in congested zones.

Low Cost

There is an initial outlay that you need to factor in with electrically powered bicycles, but this is soon earned back when you factor in the fuel costs associated with motorbikes or cars. When you have an electric bike you use for commuting, for example, you will be able to plug it into a conventional socket at work, and this can mean there are no costs at all associated with using it to get to and from the office. Even if you charge yours up at home, the costs of doing so are minimal.

Better for the Environment

As well as being a convenient means of getting about, electrically powered bicycles do not need any fossil fuels to be burned to run them. Much of the electrical supply in Australia comes from renewable sources these days, so your contribution to climate change will be minimised if you opt for this form of transport. In addition, electric bicycles don't create localised pollution as cars and motorbikes do, for example.