Vetus thrusters are renowned for their durability. The equipment is your best bet when you require a stern or bow thruster to improve the manoeuvrability of your boat at low speeds or in shallow waters. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase a Vetus thruster for your boat. 

Type Of Thruster

Internal or tunnel thrusters are fixed in a hole inside the bow and stern. They have minimal drag and are less prone to damage. External thrusters are installed on the bow or stern. Although they are known to produce some drag, they require less power and are easier to install compared to tunnel thrusters. Consider a retractable thruster to prevent damage when docking the boat. 

Hydraulic thrusters are highly effective. They can work for hours without overheating. However, have a complex installation system. As such, they are a preferable option for people whose boats have a pre-installed hydraulic system. Electric thrusters may be easy to install; however, their motors produce more noise than the hydraulic system. 

New Versus Used 

A thruster will work for years with minimal maintenance. Conduct some research to identify reputable dealers in your locality. Staff at the dealership will advise which thruster suits your boat. In addition, they can recommend a good mechanic to fix the thruster. A new thruster will have a warranty. Read the terms of the warranty to know what repairs are covered by the manufacturer. 

A used thruster is ideal for people who may not have adequate funds to purchase a new thruster. Physically inspect the used thruster for signs of propeller damage. Dismantle the thruster to check the couplings, seals, mounting bolts, shaft and joints for signs of cracks or dents. If possible, run it to test the functionality of its motor. It also allows you to check whether the joystick has any defects. 

Thruster Maintenance Tips

Thrusters are built to last a lifetime. However, you will need to conduct routine maintenance to extend the longevity of your equipment. Service the propeller by removing dirt and marine growth that may have accumulated when you are out in the sea. Replace the anodes and seals at least once a year. It is a sure way to prevent your equipment from corroding. Your electric thruster should operate at the recommended voltage. Inadequate voltage could compromise the performance of the thruster. On the other hand, too much voltage could cause a short circuit that could damage electronic components in your boat.

Thrusters like Vetus thrusters are your best bet when you need a reliable thruster for your boat. Visit a dealer in your locality for a detailed quote and to know what kind of thruster your boat requires, or look online at sites like to learn more.