A motorcycle is arguably one of the most economical modes of transport around. You do not have to worry about traffic jams or expensive servicing and maintenance. No wonder motorcycles have become the preferred mode of transportation for most people, especially in major cities. That said, you need to make a few considerations if you are planning to buy a motorcycle for the first time. Read on for more information.  

Lightweight -- The first thing you should be looking at when buying a motorcycle as a first-timer is its weight. Indeed, learning to ride a bike is not difficult and can take a few hours to a few days. However, you need to be as comfortable as possible with your motorbike, and that means being in control. Most new buyers believe that heavy bikes are better since they are well-grounded. However, this is a misconception because you are more likely to struggle to control a heavy motorcycle, mainly when coming to a slow stop. On the other hand, a light motorbike allows you full control whenever you are riding; for instance, it is easy to get your bike on track if you lose balance, which goes a long way in preventing accidents.  

Air Suspension -- As mentioned earlier, newbie riders need to be as comfortable as possible on their motorbikes. A suspension system offers part of this comfort. Notably, some motorbikes are equipped with spring suspension systems. While these perform their function as designed, they tend to wear out fast, mostly if you ride on rough roads and pavements occasionally. It is the reason why you need a motorbike equipped with air suspension. Not only do air suspensions last longer, but they also reduce the overall weight of a motorbike and allow smoother rebound of the front wheels for better handling. Air suspensions make riding comfortable regardless of the road condition.  

Open Frame -- Although it is easier and cheaper to maintain a motorcycle than a car, some bike designs are not easy to deal with. Motorcycles with closed frames belong to this category because dirt and debris get lodged in hard-to-reach spaces. In contrast, open frame motorcycles are much easier to clean and maintain because certain parts are exposed. All you need is a pressure hose. Some people worry that exposed parts in the open-frame design are prone to premature damage. However, it should be the least of your concerns if you will be using a motorcycle on tarmacked roads. Furthermore, exposed components are designed to withstand exposure to the elements.

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