Bow thrusters are beneficial for improving the performance of boats. These components are designed to promote better lateral movement. Consequently, when installed, a vessel becomes more maneuverable. This improvement ensures easier handling and safer movement in narrow spaces. Therefore, if you have an older boat without a preinstalled bow thruster, invest in this unit.

In general, bow thrusters are highly durable components. If installed correctly, the thruster will provide consistent service during the projected service life. However, some issues, like incorrect usage of the thruster and poor maintenance, can lead to functional problems or damage. If your bow thruster fails to function as expected, consider these outlined tips for conducting simple repairs.

Check the Power

If your bow thruster is not performing efficiently, the problem could lie in the power supply. In simple terms, the component might not have enough electrical power from the battery to ensure consistent function. Therefore, plan on checking the voltage to determine the operating power. This process involves checking the energy while the thruster motor is running. If the equipment indicates that the motor is running on low voltage, consider upgrading your battery or acquiring a generator. Long-term operation of a thruster at insufficient power levels will lead to permanent equipment damage.

Inspect for Debris

The accumulation of debris is also a common cause of bow thruster failure. This component is designed like the standard propellers in boats. Therefore, some functional problems are shared. For example, the propeller component of the thruster can accumulate foreign materials. The debris will prevent the smooth movement and operation of the component. Stones, marine organisms and plastic trash are common materials found blocking bow thrusters. Inspect your boat and identify any unusual materials. For the best results, take the vessel out of the water for a thorough examination.

Clean the Thruster

Regular cleaning of the bow thruster is essential for good performance. Moreover, this approach can resolve functional problems related to blockages of the thruster components. Therefore, plan on getting your boat out of the water for the cleaning if you have noticed reduced thruster efficiency. Scrape off the marine growths on the propeller surfaces. The gear legs of the thrusters might also be fouled, so scrub these areas to eliminate the build-up. Remember, the thruster might simply look dirty, but these growths will reduce efficiency significantly. If you cannot manage to restore your bow thruster, consult a professional for quality repairs. Choose an expert with a good reputation in bow thruster servicing to ensure complete restoration. 

For more information about bow thrusters or vetus thrusters, contact a boat professional.